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bubblor pendant single
Carl Wetter Jewellery Bubblor Double Pendant
Carl Wetter Jewellery Bubblor Triple Pendant
Bubblor Single Pendant Bubblor Double Pendant
Bubblor Triple Pendant
Bubblor pendant single drop Bubblor double drop pendant Bubblor pendant triple drop
Bubblor Single Drop Pendant Bubblor Double Drop Pendant Bubblor triple Drop Pendant
Bubblor pendant double triple drop Bubblor pendant drop double triple Carl Wetter Jewellery 11 Row Necklet
Bubblor Single, Double
& Triple Drop
Bubblor Double & Triple Drop Bubblor 11 Row Necklet
Carl Wetter Jewellery Single Double drop pendant Carl Wetter Single & Triple Drop Pendant Carl Wetter 5 Drop Pendant
Bubblor Single Double Drop Pendant Bubblor Single Triple Drop Pendant Bubblor 5 Drop Pendant
gold and silver six piece pendant
Bubblor diamond pendant Bubblor gold & silver 4 piece pendant
Bubblor Gold & Silver
6 Drops Pendant
Bubblor Diamond Pendant Bubblor Gold & Silver 4 Drops Asymmetric Pendant
Carl Wetter Jewellery Large Single Pendant Bubblor pearl pendant Carl Wetter Jewellery Single Pearl Pendant
Bubblor Large Single Pendant Bubblor Double Pearl Pendant Bubblor Single Pearl Pendant
Carl Wetter Jewellery Bubblor Large Single Drop Pendant bubblor pendant large double drop Carl Wetter Jewellery Large Double Drop Pendant
Bubblor Large Single
Drop Pendant
Bubblor Large Double Drop, Bubblor Top Pendant Bubblor Large Double
Drop Pendant
Carl Wetter Jewellery Bubblor 19 Combination Necklet Carl Wetter 5 necklet Carl Wetter 3 Necklet
Bubblor Single Triple
19 Necklet
Bubblor 5 Pendant Bubblor 3 Pendant

All items in this range are available in 18 carat Gold or Silver.
All pendants are supplied with a choice of snake chain or neckwire.

Whilst you cannot purchase online through this website all pieces are available to buy directly (you can order over the telephone, or make an email enquiry) or you can visit one of our stockists.

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